Affinity insurance member benefit programs are all we do. And we do them well. Let’s have a conversation to see how we can build loyalty with your members…


Over three decades of offering top-flight service to groups and their members makes Hagan Insurance Group an obvious choice for your company or organization’s insurance plans and ancillary products and services.

Resources | Capabilities

First-rate customer service, the ability to deftly execute the myriad details necessary to satisfy the insurance needs of groups, plus a remarkable array of products and services.

Leadership Team

Meet our team, whose many years of combined experience puts them in a perfect position to meet your group’s insurance needs.

Hagan Group has what it takes in the way of experience, flexibility and creativity to go beyond what traditional insurance providers do.

Hagan Insurance Group has consistently delivered exceptional results for over 34 years. Let us help improve your member program through marketing, innovation, personalized customer service and sound financial stewardship.